Assetino Cemetery

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effective cemetery administration

Assetino Cemetery is a state-of-the-art tool for simple and effective administration. Assetino Cemetery was developed for cities, municipalities and cemetery administrators.


Assetino is simple and effective record-keeping application for cemetery administration

Assetino enables you to fulfil the legal requirements for keeping records relating to operation of a public burial site

Have contracts, deadlines, and fees under control

Ability to connect administrative records with a smart map

Overview of available gravesites

Maintain historical records and data archiving

Hosted with secure cloud storage

available from anywhere and at any time

Works on mobile devices as well

Unlimited number of users

Easy to use




  • Records of buried persons and related information (first and last name, date of birth and death)
  • Types of burial - graves, crypts, columbarium, ash scattering or trenching areas etc.
  • Option to add a photograph of each gravesite
  • Separate management of multiple cemeteries within single application

Contracts and payments

  • Contracts with gravesite leaseholders
  • Information about persons paying for gravesites and alternate payers
  • Export to xls
  • Data sets for printing


  • Two-way link between records and map
    • intuitive search with depiction of selected gravesites on map (eg. based on last name of deceased person)
    • information about gravesite obtained simply by clicking on map
  • Display results based on chosen characteristics
    • available gravesites
    • graves of honour
    • graves of significant persons
    • tree collisions
  • ability to add topographic information (graphical representations of trees, waste containers, water sources, ...)

Reporting malfunctions and deficiencies at the cemetery

  • allows the public to report issues at the cemetery (overfilled waste containers, damaged equipment, etc.)
  • includes a simple administrative tool for cemetery administrator
  • provides automatic feedback to the person who initiated the report

Assetino Cemetery

Application screen examples


Application for cemetery administrators


Map application for the public


Gravesites with photos


Assetino Cemetery on mobile phone

Read about how Assetino Cemetery is already helping with effective record-keeping.

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