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About us

Founded in 1992, T-MAPY has grown to become a key provider of geospatial solutions.

Our extensive know-how and experience in geoinformatics, information technology, geography, cartography, data processing and analysis and much much more allows us to design and develop standalone geospatial solutions for governmental and private sector, transport agencies, emergency and rescue services.

Selected Products and Solutions

Asset Management

  • All in 1 - Spatial Web Asset Management System
  • Various widgets available (3D, measurement, notes, search, etc.)
  • Global basemaps
  • Responsive design
  • Excellent cartographic quality

Smart City

  • Suitable for any city or town
  • Geospatial technologies
  • Connects citizens with city services
  • Crowdsourcing, advanced data analysis
  • Data from real-time sensors


  • Configurable analytical map application
  • Quick configuration in one file
  • Extremely secure
  • Integration with 3rd party systems
  • Analyze any data (sales, safety, e-commerce, etc.)

3D Objects

  • Direct integration with our T-MAPY Web GIS
  • Interactive 3D models
  • Suitable for sculptures, gravestones, memorials, ...
  • Help to increase income from tourism
  • Works on any device

Our product portfolio consists of more innovative solutions like GIS Crowdsourcing app, 3D maps, Cemetery Management System, Augmented Reality solution, Public Transport Dispatching Control System, Real-Time Vehicles Location Sharing app, ...


T-MAPY Innovations

Our Innovation Team is dedicated to integrate the latest technologies and develop new innovative features for all of our products. Innovations are super important for us, as we can always guarantee superb value to our clients.


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