It’s been 30 years since T-MAPY was established. On May 20, 1992, we brought the first computer (a Compaq with a 386 processor and 40 MB hard drive) to our company office and with it, an A1-size digitizer. We started the digitization process “from scratch” - by geographic data production.

During the second half of the 1990’s, we focused on the creation of GIS applications - first for desktop, and once the internet boom started, very quickly for the web as well. These two pillars – quality data production and development of our own application software - built the foundations for our company’s subsequent growth.

In the following years, we increased the number of our customers and employees, and broadened the portfolio of products and services. Most importantly, we grew and deepened our expert knowledge and experience. In recent years, the company growth also included acquisitions and strategic partnerships with major players on the market.

Today, T-MAPY is one of the biggest geomatic companies in both Czechia and Slovakia. We’ve taken part in the largest national projects in our area of expertise. Thousands of people work with our software on daily basis. Our solutions are used at all levels of public administration, in various emergency and rescue service organizations, as well as in private companies.

Our long-term goal is to support and enhance processes in both the public and private sector by providing top tier geomatic tools. We help our customers work better with spatial information. But we also provide them with tools for integrating this information with other data so that they can fully utilize their spatial data potential. We achieve all this by using cutting-edge technologies, both in the sphere of software product creation and (as well as) geodata production.


Jiri Bradac

Executive director, T-MAPY

I believe that infrastructure built on relevant data and newest technologies helps enhance the quality of life of the entire society. It contributes to the construction of more sustainable cities and regions, and generally improves people’s lives on the entire planet. For 30 years now, T-MAPY has made it possible for its customers to gather, analyze and generate information that support quality decision-making and increase the effectiveness of services provided. We were able to achieve this due to the support of our customers, partners, and employees. I thank you all, and I look forward to further cooperation in the upcoming years.


Milan Novotny

Executive director, T-MAPY