On the occasion of the final phase of the project "Get It Sorted - data-based waste management and decision- making system for Sarajevo (GIS Sarajevo)", all the results of the project were officially handed over to KJKP RAD, as the final beneficiary of the project.


The main goal of the GIS Sarajevo project is to develop a modern solution for managing resources and assets (Asset management) based on the Geographical Information System (GIS) for KJKP RAD. This initiative aims to improve capabilities in smart management solutions, maintaining records of assets and other resources, and providing decision support based on up-to-date data and future development for all participants in the waste management system in Sarajevo Canton.


Within the system, there is also a section intended for the public, which at the current stage contains an overview map of green islands, locations of containers for mixed waste and recycling yards with information on collection times, types of waste and other useful data. This part of the system also allows the public to be informed about the periodic installation of bulk waste containers or emergency measures and temporary restrictions.


Work on the system lasted throughout 2023 and represents a significant step forward, because in addition to new opportunities for quality management of resources and services and significant simplification of the work of certain services, it lays the foundations for further development of the waste management system within the KJKP RAD, future integration of GPS solutions , automatic reading of the degree of container filling, process automation and other smart solutions. The system was created on an open source basis and enables the integration and exchange of data with other services of the Canton of Sarajevo for the purpose of implementing complex smart city solutions (Smart City).


The project was implemented within the framework of the Czech-UNDP partnership for sustainable development goals (SDGs) and the contractor is the Czech company T-MAPY. Financial support for this initiative was generously provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. The main goal of the CUP program is to use Czech know-how and innovative solutions to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in partner countries. The total budget of the project was 70,000 USD, while the financial support of the CUP program was 39,900 USD.


The formal presentation of the project results, including a detailed presentation of solutions, project results and future plans, was held on Tuesday, October 31, 2023. Key representatives of Sarajevo Canton, UNDP, Embassy of the Czech Republic in Sarajevo, KJKP RAD and T-MAPY participated in this event.


The project was financed by the Challenge Fund: Czech Solutions for SDGs, an effective driver of innovation and change in the region.