The GeoBusiness 2017 Conference was held in London on May 23-24 and more than 160 exhibitors and 3000 visitors from around the world attended including Jaroslav Polacek from our company. It was a great opportunity to see the latest geospatial technologies in action and meet with manufacturers and users. One of the main topics of the conference was SmartCity, which is getting more importance also in the Czech Republic.


We received very positive feedback to our Web GIS thanks to the unique feature released just a few weeks ago called „3D objects“, modern user interface, speed and stability of the solution and excellent cartographic outputs.

SmartCity presentations were mostly about the need of smart transportation, sharing data and information between citizens and councils, analysis and visualization of data from smart sensors in a map. We at T-MAPY have specialized Smart City solutions (not only) for these areas.

At the conference, there was an opportunity to try the Mixed Reality technology Hololens, we enjoyed exploring the 3D model of a city. 🙂