Geo Data becomes a new T-MAPY Reseller Partner

The T-MAPY Partner Network is growing. We are pleased to announce that Geo Data becomes authorized distributor of T-MAPY Professional Web GIS solutions.

Geo Data

Geo Data is a leading surveying company providing a comprehensive range of land surveying services to hundreds of towns and cities. From now all the Geo Data clients will have access to their data through the new generation of T-MAPY Web GIS allowing them to view, edit, search, export data, measure distance, perimeter and area, print a map and much more.


T-MAPY Web GIS and 360° 3D models are compatible with Trimble

T-MAPY 3D Objects technology for Web GIS introduced in September 2017 is now fully compatible with Trimble smartphones and tablets. You can use these pofessional devices to take photographs that will be used for creation of 360° 3D models and collect or update data including the location of GIS features directly in T-MAPY Web GIS.

If you prefer a tablet, you can use T-MAPY Web GIS and 3D Objects technology together with the brand new Trimble T10 rugged tablet.


Are you interested in the 3D Objects technology and/or our Web GIS? Contact us.

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