T-MAPY Introduces
New 3D Objects Technology for Web GIS


T-MAPY introduced today “3D Objects” technology for T-MAPY Web GIS applications that enables to create, view and analyze 360° 3D models of real objects.

360° 3D models represent a brand new attribute type of GIS features. It allows interactive viewing and analyzing of the whole objects or its parts. 3D models have very high information and documentation value and the best thing is that they are directly integrated in T-MAPY Web GIS apps using the 3D module. 360° 3D models of the real objects are available either for internal purposes or public or both depending on a client’s need."We are the world’s first and the only one Web GIS that enables users to use 360° 3D models directly in Web GIS." said Jaroslav Polacek, product manager of 3D Objects technology. “360° 3D models can be used for many different purposes including the documentation of sculptures or memorials, the same 360° 3D models can be used in a public map for tourists and help a town, city, region, country to increase income from tourism.”

T-MAPY Web GIS is a leading Web GIS with most of users in Europe.


T-MAPY 3D Objects technology and 3D Module for T-MAPY Web GIS are available from today. For more information, please visit the product website or contact our Reseller Partners.

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3D Module in Web GIS
3D Model Preview in the Info Panel